MMS Conformance Testing


Device interoperability and service interworking are one of the crucial points for the future success of mobile applications, like MMS. As a consequence, interoperability and conformance tests become vital for mobile phone manufacturers and network operators.

The figure below shows the configuration for testing of mobile applications for their conformance to technical standards as required by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and the Global Certification Forum (GFC). The device under test consists of the entire handset including its embedded application, i.e. the tests need to be accomplished across the radio interface. For this purpose, a mobile network test bed may either be implemented by a closed lab network installation or specific simulator equipment. It provides the connectivity of mobile device with the conformance test execution function.

Conformance Testing

The target of the project was to support a customer in the design of an architectural framework and SW implementation of MMS conformance tests.


Solution Architecture

A SW architecture has been created which consists of the following major components:

More than 100 OMA conformance test cases have been implemented in the customer project.

Tools & Technologies

The design and implementation of the MMS conformance testing required general know-how about wireless network technology, Internet technologies as well as testing experience. The implementation was done using Windows .NET and an environment of a specific mobile test network simulator equipment.