Test Support


Support of CRTU-W Users in UMTS Radio Protocol Verification

Radio resource management (RRC peer procedures and interaction with RLC, MAC & PHY) is a key mechanism in UMTS due to the embedded versatile Quality of Service Architecture. It allows higher layer protocols to request transmission quality for specific applications. Both UTRAN nodes and mobile devices need to consistently configure their lower layers before data can be transmitted and lower layers dynamically reconfigured based on actual radio measurements.
Supplementary to the CRTU-W protocol tester with standard test suites obtainable from Rohde & Schwarz, adare offers customer-focused services as outlined below.


adare arranges seminars for R&D engineers covering:

Particularly the MLAPI software option provides a powerful test platform for R&D department staff highly trained and supported in the respective test applications.


The consulting service include all or part of the following tasks performed by adare RAN and testing expert(s):

Implementation of User-defined Radio Resource Management Scenarios

Customer may partly or completely outsource the R&D of their specific test scenarios to adare. The customer implementation will be then performed by well-trained adare team member(s) under direct supervision of communication engineers who actually designed and implemented the radio resource management -related functions including the MLAPI software option of the CRTU-W.

Benefits of the adare implementation are e.g.:

On-site Support

The above-mentioned services usually include on-site support. The content and extent of the on-site support of adare team member(s) can be tailored according to customer's needs and project planning.