Engineering Services for Protocol Implementation, Test SW Design & Test Support
in Cellular Wireless Technology

R&D Engineering Services

graphicEngineering services are determined by the proper know-how, combination of skills and team spirit that govern a group of engineers. The adare team combines communication engineers and IT professionals who have been working together for years in the field of protocol implementation and testing in wireless technologies. This combination has created adare's unique mix of know-how comprising of:

  • Communications technology
  • Advanced IT SW technology
  • Testing; particularly protocol testing
  • Protocols with focus on medium and upper layers on the Air Interface & RAN

Moreover, this mix of know-how is paired with team member skills ranging from consultancy experience, SW development processes and quality assurance measures to project management methods. In order to obtain a better impression of adare's know-how & skills, the following provides a detailed description of the team's technical "capability patterns":


Mobile Networks:

  • LTE
  • UMTS
  • IMS Multimedia Service Platform
  • OMA-defined Services & Applications


  • IETF & W3C technologies

Converged Networks:



Platform & Development Systems:

  • Windows, .NET
  • Unix, Solaris
  • Linux
  • Real Time Systems, including pSOS, RTOS, ...

Progamming Languages:

  • C#
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • Perl


  • Clearcase, UML
  • MS Virtual Studio
  • Eclispe
  • Testing Tech Workbench


High Level Test Specification Languages Used:

  • TTCN-2 & TTCN-3
  • MSC
  • SDL

Test & Measurement Device Applications:

  • Rohde & Schwarz CRTU-G and CRTU-W
  • Tektronix 1297 & 1205
  • UBINETICS TM100 & TM500
  • HP 37900


Air Interface & RAN:

  • RRC
  • NBAP

Application Layer:

  • WAP
  • HTTP
  • MMS
  • SIP/SDP, RTP, ...

Core Network:

  • MM Mobility Management
  • GMM for GPRS Mobility
  • CC Call Control
  • SM Session Management
  • MAP