Engineering Services for Protocol Implementation, Test SW Design & Test Support
in Cellular Wireless Technology

Engineering Services

adare's offering addresses:

  • The suppliers of infrastructure equipment
  • Mobile device suppliers
  • Vendors of test & measurement products
  • Mobile network operators

adare provides engineering services ranging from contracted R&D to on-site testing support specifically for 2G, 3G and - in current focus - for 4G wireless projects.

Areas of Expertise

adare is committed to support GSM/GPRS, UMTS and LTE technology suppliers through its specialised know-how and skills in:

  • Implementation of complex protocol stacks e.g as applied in Radio Access Networks and on the Air Interface
  • Consulting for and design of automated test systems e.g. for the Radio Access Network
  • Reference implementations of Air Interface protocols for test & measurement products
  • Consulting and design for application test environments and test suites for mobile devices covering advanced services like MMS (Multimedia Message Service) and PoC (Push to talk over Cellular)

Career Opportunities

The rollout and evolution of the 4th generation wireless technology LTE is emerging rapidly. With well-established relationships to major technology providers, adare offers motivated communication engineers and IT professionals excellent opportunities in starting or evolving high-tech careers in leading edge wireless technologies.